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Your kitchen is more than a place where food is cooked or served. It’s one of the most important rooms in the entire home as it is being utilised each day. Such a place should be not only functional but exactly as you want it to look.

Our kitchen renovation contractors provide you with the budget-friendly kitchen refurbishment option. We transform kitchens with classic facilities and beautiful flooring, cabinets, counter-tops, sinks, taps, and other accessories. We design and create beautiful contemporary kitchens utilising all the luxury materials, finishes, components and appliances that suit your project. This allows us to deliver amazing kitchens. Our team takes real pride in our ability to finish to the highest standard of workmanship, with the design you want to fulfil your family’s needs.

Your requirements and specifications are our topmost priority. We renovate your kitchen that most aptly suits your lifestyle. We use top quality products that are capable of lasting for a long time. Our kitchen experts offer you everything you need for a perfect kitchen, from new kitchen designs to total renovation.One of the greatest joys when it comes to renovating any kitchen is to take something that is seemingly common and ordinary, and transform it into a modern piece of interior design artwork.

Designing a kitchen can be a tricky job, as the perfect configuration depends on multiple functional factors. Our services start with the planning of the layout of your kitchen and overseeing the construction till completion. With ideas about the use and specific user requirements, we are able to recommend efficient and practical layouts to fit it into any existing space.

A kitchen’s design needs to be functional and aesthetically pleasing in equal measure. The choice of materials, textures and colours are all paramount in making the kitchen finish exactly the way you want it for cooking, socialising, and eating.We can help you maximise your work space by creating the work triangle between your storage, cooking and washing area.

Producing a unique and personalised bespoke kitchen means going through different hardware, tiles, and even lighting, to produce a design you’ll love and enjoy cooking in. That’s why before we go about knocking down a wall or constructing another we first have to discuss the layout, the structure, the theme, and everything you have visioned for your kitchen.

We’ll show you how to best position your lighting to brighten up the room. And help settle all your electrical wiring, plumbing works, appliance installation, and kitchen fittings.

So to do this effectively, our team of experienced designers will come in to guide and advise you on the best options available while sticking to your renovation budget. We’ll find the best quality materials and equipment to custom build and install what you need.

Our goal as a renovation specialist is to make this process as smooth sailing as possible for you so you don’t have to worry about sourcing for materials and construction.

Modular kitchen consists of a cupboard built into a kitchen or a chest of drawers for kitchen use, as for dishes and silverware. Modular kitchen is a new and innovative solution to the challenges posed by traditional kitchens. It’s a solution that makes everyday kitchen tasks easy with its functionality and durability. It’s a term used for a modern kitchen layout that consists of modular units/cabinets, made of various materials, which hold appropriate accessories inside. Modern kitchen appliances such as the refrigerator, oven, microwave will have to be fully integrated into the kitchen design.

A good kitchen cannot exist without beautiful and durable cabinets and carpentry that integrate various functions into one. Our professionals will help you choose the best cabinet style that matches your needs and budget. We understand how vital it is to enhance the storage capacity and door profiles of your kitchen base and wall cabinets while accommodating your changing lifestyle.

All the upgrades in your cabinet’s materials, door style, and hardware will be professionally handled by our contractors for an affordable kitchen remodel cost.

By installing a beautiful slab or tile backsplash, you will have a seamless style transition from your wall cabinets to your sink and kitchen countertops. Moreover, backsplash upgrades will take a minimal portion of your kitchen renovation cost.

The following are some of the common kitchen solutions we’ve provided for homeowners. We’ll look into some of the latest technologies available and other customised solutions to build a kitchen that suits your every needs.

  • Custom Kitchen Cabinets
  • Custom Kitchen Sinks
  • Custom Kitchen Shelves
  • Custom Kitchen Islands

At Paradise Kitchens, we can help you renovate custom kitchens that suit your lifestyle and how you want to use your space. Whether it is a small, large or extravagant kitchen, we specialise in all types of kitchen renovations in toronto. Our kitchen designer team can work with you to understand your requirements and what features are on your must-have list and accordingly work out what you expect out of your kitchen renovation

We have the best kitchen renovation solution in Toronto for you regardless of space. We can transform any small or spacious kitchen with our custom designs and expertise.

Most condo kitchens aren’t known for their spacious proportions or functional layouts. You will usually find yourself without any counter space or much storage capabilities.

In many condos, you’ll need special small kitchen renovation ideas as there isn’t space for anyone to walk around. In some kitchens, only 1 or 2 persons can be in the kitchen at any one point in time.And that can be rather ironic given you have a beautiful estate, nice swimming pool, a well-equipped gym, high security, a lovely flat but a small and cramp kitchen.Thankfully it isn’t the end of the world for homeowners.

Depending on your kitchen’s layout, our consultants will sit down with you to plan out which functions are critical and which are secondary. The overall theme and design of your house will influence the choice of materials and painting work to recreate the vision you have for your kitchen.

We want you to be happy with your new kitchen so we’re committed to giving you all the tools to make the right decision with minimum fuss. Whether you want to upgrade to the latest design,we are passionate about providing kitchens that work, keep working and are also as beautiful looking as they are functional. Because of this passion, we only use the best quality fittings, accessories, hardware and materials to manufacture your kitchen.

  • Kitchen Benchtops
  • Kitchen Drawers & Hinges
  • Kitchen Lighting
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Kitchen Accessories

Many of our products have extended guarantees. We will help you perfect your kitchen with special touches such as lighting, custom benchtops, fittings and accessories, clever cabinetry to enhance convenience and appliances to suit your requirements and new style.

Besides your kitchen countertops, your sink and faucet are two of the most utilized components inside your kitchen. It handles a lot of wear and chemicals when you’re preparing meals for your family and guests or doing the dishes.

Fortunately, our contractors will locate the right material and finish for your sink and faucet that will match your countertops. Additionally, it will be durable enough to withstand your high-traffic kitchen.

Proper lighting inside your kitchen can change a lot of things, including the following.

  • Make your kitchen look more spacious
  • Highlight beautiful surfaces and fixtures
  • Improve the brightness and cleanliness of your kitchen
  • Provide sufficient lighting on workspaces

Fortunately, our professionals have extensive experience in installing the right lighting fixture in your newly finished kitchen. Whether it’s underneath your cabinets, or accent lighting, we can efficiently install it for you.

Our contractors are also well-trained, licensed, and insured in installing the most appropriate flooring material in your kitchen. Besides considering your taste, we also consider safety, cleaning requirements, prices, and your unique lifestyle when selecting the best kitchen floor material for you. We have different flooring materials available for you, and our installers will help you choose a suitable one that matches your kitchen base cabinets and kitchen island.

After removing your old drywall and ceilings, we are going to inspect and install new framings in your kitchen area. Alongside this, we will check and replace any leaking pipes or tattered electrical wiring in your kitchen.

With the experience and tools of our contractors, we can accurately ensure there’s no leaking or clogging in your newly installed pipes. We will use quality paints on your walls and ceilings that effectively resist moisture and dust.

Our professionals are highly qualified and well-equipped with the proper tools to safely remove those outdated cabinet doors, trims, fixtures, drywall, baseboards, and walls in your old kitchen.

These are some of our portfolios for kitchen remodeling on a budget.

L-shaped Kitchen

This kitchen layout is suitable for small and mid-sized kitchens where two walls join together at a 90-degree angle. Through this layout, you can maximize your corner and limited kitchen space.Likewise, we can also install a small kitchen island with hanging pendant lights for a more sophisticated design.

U-shaped Kitchen

This kitchen layout will utilize three walls in your kitchen, and its main function is to make your workflow smooth and easy from one counter to another. Also, you have plenty of kitchen storage cabinets with this U-shaped kitchen.Meanwhile, even if you only have two walls in your kitchen, we can still achieve this layout by connecting a kitchen island as your third wall. Also, we can strategically install kitchen appliances that complement one another.

Nevertheless, if there is ample space at the center, we can install a kitchen island in that spot to serve as the common point for all three sides of this layout.

One-wall Kitchen

If you have a tiny kitchen area, then we can create a one-wall. You can save and maximize space with this design. We can also install a small kitchen island opposite the main wall to add more counter space and visual impact.

Galley Kitchen

Technically, a galley kitchen is composed of two walls that are parallel with each other, with a walkway in-between them. We recommend this kitchen layout if you have a small space allocated for your kitchen. Even when you only have a one-wall kitchen, we can still convert that to a galley kitchen by installing a kitchen island of the same length and width as your existing kitchen countertop against the wall.

Once we’re done installing your cabinetry and countertops, the next thing we are installing will be your brand new appliances (e.g. microwave, oven, cooktops, dishwasher, and toaster). These new appliances will provide you with more convenience and function in your newly finished cooking station.

While appliances obviously have to work, it’s also important that they flow with the theme of your kitchen remodel seamlessly. Our professional kitchen remodeling team can easily recommend the best refrigerators, ovens, sinks, mixers, and general kitchen appliances that will complement your chosen design and provide you with many years of great service.

We can manage complete kitchen renovation services through the use of various recommended trades people including:

  • Wall Removal
  • Tiling
  • Timber Flooring
  • Plumbing and Electrical services
  • Structural Building Work
  • Sink and Tap Installation
  • Kitchen Appliance Supply and Installation

Providing all of this under one roof makes it easier to turn your kitchen dream into reality and removes most of the stress that goes with any renovation.

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