No matter if you go for a small, medium, or huge bathroom renovation, the first important thing you need to do is planning. You need to plan the desired design and budget for this project. Once you are done with the detailed plan, you can gradually put things into action.

If your bathroom design is no longer appealing, you can call us to add value to each corner of your house, especially the crucial areas like the bathroom. We are experts in creating beautiful and seamless bathroom renovation in toronto.

Bring your bathroom to live with inspirational contemporary designs. Our services start with re-thinking internal spaces with definition between dry and wet areas of a bathroom. A good bathroom also requires proper planning of water and electrical services that serve the spaces efficiently, so that the overall design serves to make the bathroom a coherent, uncluttered space.

A dream bathroom is one that welcomes you when you awake in the morning and a space which provides relaxation for showers in the evenings.A relaxing and luxurious bathroom is what a person needs after a long tiring day, it is supposed to be a blissful sanctuary where you can relax whenever you want. We offer excellent bathroom renovation services that will transform your personal space into a beautiful relaxing spot filled with comfort and peace.It is important to have a cozy environment to live in and that includes our bathrooms. With just the right color combination from the tiles to the toilet bowl, flush and the pipes, it can add a cozy vibe, vintage feel or a contemporary feel.

Home renovations include many aspects and areas, but when it comes to remodelling a bathroom. This is where a homeowner has to think and research a lot of how to revamp their bathroom and what type of tubs and showers will fit in their bath. Don’t worry! We know exactly what you need to do right from the comfort of your home.

It is false that a bathroom remodel has to be prohibitively expensive. We can do a full bathroom remodel well within even the tightest of budgets without sacrificing quality or service. We can also do limited remodels such as just replacing tile in shower or replacing a vanity or bathroom floor. We also do full 'gutting' and rebuilding of tired old bathrooms into a spa right in your home.No matter what your reason for remodeling your bathroom, you've come to the right place.

Let’s discuss some of the ways and styles that you can opt for when having bathroom renovations.

Whether it is a bathroom remodeling or other things you have to accomplish, planning is a critical factor for its success. In crafting your plan, the estimated budget and design of your bathroom redo are the two most important variables to consider.

The furniture that usually takes up the most room in a bath is the vanity. A double vanity in a small space can make it feel cramped. A single vanity or pedestal sink is a common choice for small baths. But if you need more than one sink, opt for a floating vanity with two sinks instead. You’ll get about the same top and storage space, but the openness underneath will make your bath feel bigger.

Popular horizontal bathroom vanities with storage space are space efficient elements that include cabinets and drawers designed to fit your layout and space. For countertops, popular options include granite, marble, laminate, concrete, wood and solid surface. Higher-end granite and quartz are popular for their durability and luxury appeal.

A mirror is an easy way to add the illusion of depth. A mirror reflects light, making your small bath feel brighter and lighter. If possible, hang mirrors facing a window to get the most out of any natural light coming in. Or place mirrors across from one another to give a feeling of infinite space.

Round frames minimize the square look of a room, so it looks more open. A big, oversized mirror can make walls disappear, making the bathroom feel larger than it is.

Bold colour can be a powerful solution for a tiny bath. like thick vibrant blue walls balanced by a crisp white trim and simple fixtures.White immediately makes any space feel larger and lighter. For a modern small bathroom idea, choose a semi-gloss or gloss finish. Gloss finishes reflect the light and will amp up the brightness level.

A neutral color palette featuring a monochromatic look of beige, brown and white will make a small bath feel soothing rather than cramped.

Put your walls to work with floating shelves, towel bars and hooks. Shelves make use of every inch of your space by storing and organizing everything from toiletries to towels. Hooks are great for hanging towels or robes out of sight on the back of a door.

A bathtub or shower can create another “wall” in a bathroom, making it look even smaller. There are several things you can do to give the illusion of more space.

If you have a freestanding tub, hang the shower curtain at or near the ceiling to give the impression of height.

Use a clear glass shower door to remove the “wall” and make the space visually deeper. Replace a swing-out shower door with a shower curtain to free up floor space.

Small bathrooms can quickly feel tunnel-like. Trick the eye with horizontal or vertical lines. Horizontal lines will look like they are “pushing” the adjacent walls apart. Long, vertical lines of tile draw the eye up from the floor, giving the feeling that the ceiling is higher.

The brighter a space, the more spacious and inviting it can feel. Opt for light fixtures in reflective metals and with opaque shades. Place them near or in front of mirrors or choose lighted mirrors or medicine cabinets.

Add lamps to vanity tops. Place strip lights under shelves or hanging cabinets to help eliminate shadows.

We provide installation of bathroom accessories as part of remodelling a bathroom. Our team can also assist in the selection of bathroom accessories that fits into the overall design.

You will also get to select from bathroom appliances that will only improve your experience. From getting your shampoo and conditioners easily from the three-tier stainless steel rack to having your clothes and towel hanger available with space when you need it, it can save you from frustration!

Our customers are our motivation. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and we do our best to guarantee it.

Our expert designers and engineers create fully functional and well-designed bathrooms for you that add value to your home.

Our skilled specialists without problems discover bathroom-related problems like leaky pipes, dripping faucets, flush tank leakage, and showers. We do all the restore and refurbishment proper from plumbing, changing sinks and tubs to growing colorful flooring and wall tiles

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