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Our company is dedicated to providing you stylish,functional and affordable options for all of your residential building needs whether your home requires renovating,extending or rebuilding. Our major focus is on creating the best customer service through good design, thoughtful consideration of client requirements, expectations and budget. Apart of this involves having a skilled and enthusiastic team of designers and tradesmen coupled with careful planning to minimise variations and really listening to what you want.

Home renovation, building, construction, home remodelling, house renovation, house addition, renovation contractor, house remodeling, home improvement contractor, old house renovation today is more exciting than it has ever been.. For us customers are always on top priority. We will work around your budget and guidelines to deliver an amazing customer experience and perfect product.

We specialise in projects for designing, renovation, extensions and new homes with no matter how big or small a task with you one -on-one to find the right fit and budget for your home building project.

We enhance your happiness by taking time to clearly understand your requirements, how to best improve the value of your property, providing professional and prompt information, designing beautiful, practical and affordable homes, giving a guarantee that we will finish projects on given time, and we respect our client, their property.

We believe the best relationship between us and our client is found in trust. Only when we truly understand every customer's needs.

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Every space has its own personality, and with a few touch ups and pre –renovation consultation by our qualified interior designers, you can really make it shine.

Interior designs

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Interior Designers play an important role for building structures that may fulfill people’s desires whereas being structurally safe and sound,

Kitchen Renovation

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Your kitchen is more than a place where food is cooked or served. It’s one of the most important rooms in the entire home as it is being.

Bathroom Renovation

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No matter if you go for a small, medium, or huge bathroom renovation, the first important thing you need to do is planning.

Basement Renovation

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Basements are the most ignored part of a house. They are damp, dark, unpleasant storage places to hide unwanted things and old, broken furniture.


We are your one -step home renovation contractor in toronto serving over thousands of satisfied owners from 14 years ago.


Our company is made up of a team of professional and experienced engineers, designers . Our designers are expert in conceptualising and sketching space design plans according to client’s requirement. The designers hired by our company are established and brilliant who carry out their work with utmost professionalism, ensuring that there will be no lack of creativity in the concept.

From design to detailing,our team is an expert in all renovation processes. With latest technology, we can integrate best interior design, detailing services, into every project at every stage of its development Each design is developed in a serious and differentiated way, according to excellent parameters, standards and optimum quality required for each product.

For all homeowners that are dreaming of a designer home , and other services like kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation, basement renovation we are here to make your dream real.

Having a good knowledge of built in carpentry and space allowances are critical in doing good space planning.Let us understand your needs and the basic functionalities you are looking for so that we can design a space tailored to you.

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All of the services are fully ensured to make the restorations stress- free for clients.Working partnerships with branded and non branded suppliers in Toronto allow the company to offer a more comprehensive set of services and products for homeowners.>

Carpentry services

Electrical solutions

Flooring solutions

Wall painting

Interior decoration

Walls Repair

We tried best to serve our services always on budget at affordable pricing for our home interior design and commercial works.

Our team will come up with a good design option for you based on your personal budget.

We truly understand every customer's need, we place ourselves as contractors to provide the best value for our customers and ease of coordinating every aspect of renovation work.

All construction activities are completed within budgets that are shared and agreed with client beforehand.

We specialised in high – quality interior design and construction works. While designing and planning we pay special attention to room dimensions in terms of width/depth/height, location of equipment racks, internal clearances, room cooling units, control of air currents, lightening, surface treatment of walls, ceiling and floors and fire prevention.

An ideal timeline and proper planning of channels on schedule is the most crucial and vital in every home project.All activities are scheduled to ensure timely delivery.

We take pride in providing the highest standard of design which we believe is key to enjoying a unique and beautifully created space.Our design team will take the time to get to know your vision and understand how we can align that with a brand new concept. Through communication and trust we are inspired through the ideas of clients and make it our goal to realize your design dream.

We will use the design of your space to be dedicated to your tastes and lifestyle.we take the time to understand what you really need, and we adopt the personalised approach to offer bespoke interior design solutions that will align perfectly with your vision and lifestyle.

Our exterior and interior villa design services are unique, functional and aesthetically pleasing. Our team of interior designers will offer unique and custom made solutions for your private villa and buildings.whether it is small bedroom villa or big villa design, let us create a special space that combines modern style with your dream house.

Few points: our Interior design team is keen to know about your space planning requirement.we clarify the following before you create your Space Plan

  • Budget and time constraints.
  • What's the purpose of each space
  • The number of staff utilizing each space.
  • Each staff's space requirement.
  • Location of windows and doors.
  • Circulation space requirement.
  • Furniture distribution in each area.
  • Security, safety and privacy.
  • Lighting IT and other building services requirements.
  • Requirements of lighting, ventilation, temperature, and so on.
  • Views requirement from each side
  • Colors and branding of each area.
  • The need for flexibility or future growth.

We have extensive experience in delivering luxury integrated design and project management solutions to residential and commercial property. Our team of design professionals will leverage our profound understanding of architecture, art, local knowledge, technology and market trends to ensure our client receives a pallet of designs and best solutions.we begin with an inner space and populate it with amazing ideas and inspiring designs. We then transform this artistic impression into reality with detailed craftsmanship and plans through to supply and handover.we will guide you, whatever the requirements, and be there every step of the way.

Prior to initiating the project we will carry out an extensive analysis of a particular location and your way of living. Our team of design will elevate your project and transform it from ordinary to inspirational. Whether you want contemporary style, classic elegance or luxury architecture our specialist will give you exactly what you desire.

We try to turn your empty space into a work of art. Nothing is overlooked, our focus is to provide our client with comfortable, exceptional and individual luxurious design that gives enduring pleasure.

Whether you are simply restyling a single room or embarking on an extensive development project our designers will guide you through every stage of your journey. Before the creative work begins our designers will undertake essential home visits, conducting all relevant surveys to ensure that every detail is correct and throughout will provide accurate cost breakdowns to ensure we work to your budgets.

The success of planning your space depends on how well we understand your vision and capture and transform it, and build it into a reality. Our client’s wishes are the top priority of our design team and we encourage client participation at all stages from initial planning to the implementation of the project. We will discuss in-depth project details about your goal and style inspiration.

We schedule all activities and budget management to ensure that a smooth and successful completion of your interior design project will exceed your expectations. We will be responsible for ordering all products, tracking them, coordinating with contractors, delivery of products, installation of floor and wall coverings, light fixtures and furniture.

We have a friendly, professional and experienced team specialising in full or part house renovations and extensions, we cover everything from the foundations to the plastering. Most importantly we work with you to create innovative ideas and achieve the result you want. We employ the best joiners, plumbers, electricians and craftsmen to make a house your dream home.

we understand how important it is to have your home exactly the way you want it. When it comes to refurbishing property to the highest standard we offer a complete range of services.We can make any aspect of any home look at its best. Our team has the necessary skills to build, polish, repair and refurbish any room of your home that you think needs it. Over the years we have developed the expertise to handle the most complex of projects. We work closely and continually with the architects and structural engineers to ensure that your project will be constructed to the highest standards in the industry.

A detailed design procedure below is important for any major and minor renovations are:

  1. A detailed drawing showing all measurements as per agreed space planning and interior design requirements. In interior fit out projects, It's highly preferable to give two or more options to the clients, so that they can choose the best from it.
  2. Floor and ceiling plan along with material specifications according to fitout design plan.
  3. Light and power plan as per requirements, this should include type of lights, power distributions and type of sockets used. etc.
  4. Fire alarm and firefighting design according to fitout design.
  5. Plumbing drawings and detailed electrical drawings.
  6. Provide options of colour and style ideas of each design element.
  7. Furniture, joinery planning & distribution matching with the space planning and client requirements.
  8. Types of doors, windows used
  9. AC drawings.
  10. .Kitchen and bathroom accessories- type, style, size and price.
  11. Provide all decorative elements how, where and what it's used, It's very key in interior design oriented projects.

Once above details are confirmed, our project manager will proceed to project scheduling and project execution. Our project management team will make sure all details are communicated to the client in every stage of the project.

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